Why Shutters Work Well in City Homes

Call us biased, but we think our plantation window shutters work well in every home. But for those of you living in a busy bustling city, our shutters are an exceptionally good choice for both practical and stylish reasons! Combat noise, light pollution and privacy control all in one simple and easy package.

Every city dweller knows all too well the struggles of trying to get to sleep, with that annoying streetlamp across the road flickering away all night long, peaking through the curtains seemingly pointing directly right at you. Try to block it out? Blinds won’t cut it and curtains are impossible to fully close. This is where our solid or louvred shutters shine. Covering the entirety of the glass pane when closed, there’s no chance of any light seeping through to disturb you when getting your much-needed rest – particularly solid panel shutters, they are a popular choice if you’re looking for a black-out window treatment.

Another very welcome bonus I’m sure many of you can agree with, is their ability to cancel out noise. That’s right, say goodbye to the hum of constant traffic or the shrieking and commotion going on outside. Due to the thick high quality materials we use to make our shutters, when closed they act as a defence against the noise of the city, granting you with a bit more peace and quiet to relax whilst you’re at home.

If like some Mancunians, your terrace homes are set side to side, close together, then privacy will be a number one concern for any rooms that are street facing! Full height shutters cover the entirety of the window and in this case are the best option. With full control over the angling of the slats of our louvred shutters, you have the ability to adjust them into a position that allows light in whilst preserving your privacy. A must have for anyone with a home in the city!

Transform the windows on your city home with some shutters and see for yourself how much of a life saver they really can be. Call our team of shutter experts on 0800 044 8045 for a quick chat about the amazing window shutters we have available, and what they can do for you and your home.