Why Shutters are Great for Kids Bedrooms

As lovely as family life can be, when little ones are involved there are some moments that could be made a little easier – bedtime, I’m looking at you! For some lucky folk their children are angels when it comes to going to sleep, read them a chapter of their favourite book and before you know it the Zs are flowing. For others, the bedtime routine can sometimes be the most daunting part of the day. Amongst the millions of tips and tricks out there we don’t claim to have all the answers, but we do know that our window shutters can be a useful tool in helping your children sleep a little better.

Outside disturbances

There is nothing worse than finally getting the little ones to sleep, only for a loud lorry or noisy group of people to wander past the window – voices louder as ever, waking up the kids yet again. When you have plantation shutters fitted to your windows they act as a solid barrier, protecting your rooms from outside disturbances like light and noise. Like our wooden shutters for example, the solid wood is thick enough to help block out any irritating noise, soundproofing the room and protecting your child’s sleep.

The same goes for light! Everyone is different, some kids like a soft light to help them get to sleep whereas others prefer complete darkness. Either way our interior shutters provide you with complete light control so whatever your kids need to get to sleep, our louvred shutters can be adjusted to suit their needs.


There is no doubt that as your child grows, their style and preferences will develop with them. We’re sure you are more than prepared to deal with this constant changing, but luckily our plantation shutters are a style that doesn’t date! If you have chosen a more neutral colour they can easily blend with any style of décor, no matter the type of shutter – from tier on tier to café style.

Here at Shutters Manchester we can guarantee you great quality shutters that will last for as long as you need them, right up until your children leave the nest. Unlike a set of ill-fitting blinds, that easily suffer wear and tear, there’s less chance of your shutters suffering any damage. Once installed there’s no need to worry about updating window treatment!


With very young children it’s important to examine all safety aspects around the home, and we understand that means window treatments too. Blinds are usually adjusted with a dangling cord which can be a huge no-no around children as they can potentially cause a very bad accident.

Our interior shutters are a far safer option in comparison. With the use of a built-in tilt rod mechanism there are no extra parts that could cause an accident, making them safer and tidier in appearance. The ease and safety of our shutters means that parents have less to worry about, and children can be more independent in getting themselves up in the morning!

All in all you can see why shutters are a fantastic option for your kids bedrooms, both practical and safe, yet amazing in appearance – what more could you ask for! If this article has caught your attention and you would like to find out a little more about how shutters could work for you, then contact us on 0800 044 8045, and the team will be happy to chat to you about your options!