Why Shutters are Excellent in the Summer

Everybody knows that the temperature during an English summer isn’t always, well, pleasant shall we say! Rainy days, humid days, days that are so hot you can barely move without sweating, we get them all! So, what is the best way to help regulate your homes light and heat during this time? And how can you make the most of the beautiful sunny days when we get them? Window shutters of course!

Unfortunately, many of the buildings in Manchester, as well as the rest of England, are better designed to keep heat in rather than out, which is fantastic for winter but dreadful for summer. By using plantation shutters on your windows you get a system that works perfectly for all temperatures. In the summer louvred shutters can be angled against an open window to create ventilation, allowing air flow throughout the house. In comparison, solid shutters can be opened fully to expose an open window and let in as much of a breeze as possible. But in winter, closing either shutter style provides a barricade against your windows that keeps the heat in so that you stay warm.

It’s also important to note, that any window shutter style can benefit a home in the summer time when being closed too. If the windows are kept open with a louvred shutter pulled shut across the window for example, this blocks out the direct sunlight providing shade for the home, whilst the open louvres can let air in and out. So shutters really are perfectly suited to an ever-changing English summer!

On the rare sunny day that we get here everybody truly wants to enjoy the glorious sun light for as much of the day as possible. Choosing café shutters allows half the window to be fully exposed but gives you control over the lower portion too, so that you can enjoy the sun shining through into your home whilst allowing some privacy too. This also works well with tier on tier shutters, where the shutter panel is divided into two separate components allowing you to open up the top whilst keeping the bottom closed for a similar effect. This can really open up your home in the summer time, letting you enjoy those longer evenings!

These are two of the main ways that our fantastic window shutters can help your home out during the summer. When maintaining the temperature in your home the windows are a great place to start – and why not treat yourself to something that looks fabulous whilst also doing a great job in helping you too?

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