When to Choose White Shutters

Nothing quite beats the feeling of a fresh set of our classic plantation shutters. Beautiful, stylish and practical on any window type, they truly are the ultimate choice in window treatment. But with such a wide range of colours on offer sometimes it’s a good idea to go simple and choose a classic white shutter. Take a look at our tips below for an idea of where our white window shutters look best in the home!

The weather has really started to heat up, with the sun finally making an appearance! With that, a great factor to consider is the reflective properties choosing white for your window shutters will bring. For example, full height white shutters on your living room windows, are a great way of increasing light with the sun bouncing off the white reflecting back into the room. Tilt the shutter louvres to adjust the amount of light flowing in and you can really maximise the amount of sunlight the room will receive. This makes white shutters a great feature in larger rooms such as the living room, as well as smaller darker rooms which could benefit from a little more sunshine.

Whether your home interior has an abundance of colour, to more of a minimalistic appearance, due to their neutral colouring, white plantation shutters certainly won’t be out of place! This makes them a great option for an everchanging style, no matter the changes you bring to your home a clean white shutter will look fantastic on your windows.

White window shutters can act as fantastic contrast for rooms of a darker colour, making your windows a statement in themselves. This works great for brighter bolder colours like blues or oranges! Equally, they are a lovely complement to an already more minimalist home, complimenting white or pastel tones. The options really are limitless!

Any of our shutters are made from super durable materials. Combine this with a classic colour that will never go out of style and you’ll never have to worry about your windows again! They are a completely timeless look, that unlike curtains, won’t go out of season.

Contact us to find out more about white window shutters of every style, or even the more colourful options on offer too!