Transforming Your Bay Windows

Manchester is home to an eclectic mix of homes with a large proportion of these being a classic Victorian style. In these period homes you’ll often see bay windows, as the window style and house once came hand in hand. Now for some, these windows can raise a few concerns, what is the best way to maximise these beautiful window features that won’t break the bank? I’m sure you’ve guessed what our answer to this is going to be – plantation shutters! Our window shutters, no matter the style, are excellent at giving your bay windows a little lift and a bit of an upgrade, here’s how…


Bay windows typically are quite a large feature, placed at the front of the house, making them the perfect type of window to really show off your window treatments to both visitors inside and outside the home. Shutters add great kerb appeal, whilst also providing you with the privacy you need. A set of our full height or tier on tier shutters are perfectly suited for this, covering the whole of the window. Choosing a bolder colour can really turn these into a statement piece that will easily match the rest of your home décor. As plantation shutters are made to measure, they will fit any size of bay window seamlessly, with more of a luxury and elegant feel compared to a set of ill-fitting and bland blinds.


Through their design, bay windows can let in as much natural light as possible, consisting of more angles and their larger size. When choosing a window treatment, you want them to compliment their unique features, maximising the amount of light that can enter your home! Louvred shutters can be adjusted to completely expose the window during the daytime, and although Britain isn’t home to much tropical sunlight, window shutters encourage as much as possible to enter your home for a lighter atmosphere.


Shutters date back to the Tudor era; however, they were also incredibly popular during the Victorian period where people would use them to protect their windows and privacy. Using your shutters for a bay window makes it a far more classic choice, one that easily compliments both the history and style of the windows! We recommend a solid shutter if this is the style you are looking to match, as it keeps with the traditional style whilst also providing all the other amazing benefits we have explained.

If your bay windows need some TLC then we definitely think you should consider plantation shutters! They really can transform your bay windows and bring a sense of new life to them.

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