Tier on Tier Shutters: Pros vs Cons

We know it can be tough choosing which fabulous shutter style would look best in your home. All sorts of questions can come to mind: which one would suit my windows most, or how would the different shutter style benefit my home? Luckily, we’re here to help you out with an easy break down of the pros and cons of one of our most popular styles of shutter – tier on tier!


Tier on tier shutters have a lot of benefits and are a great choice for any bigger windows as they give you the chance to really maximise your windows. Like full height shutters they cover the total height of the window but the difference is, they are split into two independent panels, giving you flexibility.

With this shutter type you can keep complete control over your privacy levels whilst maintaining your desired light levels! The two independent sections of the shutters mean that you can shut both to achieve complete privacy and insulation.

By being independent of each other, you have a lot more choice over how to open the top and bottom panels. For example, if you want a little more privacy but still want that natural light to flood in you can close the bottom panels whilst keeping the top open – hurray for the best of both worlds!


However, we wouldn’t recommend tier on tier shutters for those with smaller windows. The multiple panels can overwhelm a smaller frame and can end up actually blocking out more light than what they let in. We would suggest instead a café style that only covers half the window – making them appear larger, allowing more light in, or a simple full height shutter if you want some more coverage.

No matter the style there is a set of shutters out there for you. Tier on tier shutters are a popular option, they can be a great choice particularly if you’re looking for flexibility with your larger windows. But if they don’t sound like your cup of tea we have other styles to consider, from full height to café style shutters. But if they sound like the best option for you, then give our team a call on 0800 044 8045 and one of our experts will be happy to chat to you!