Thinking of Moving? You Should Consider Shutters!

Summer’s over and the kids are back to school, in a way this time of year is the perfect time to start thinking about change. Maybe you’ve started to consider the idea of moving to a new home because you’ve somehow outgrown your current house, or perhaps even the opposite, you think it’s time to downsize? Our shutters are fantastic no matter the house type – from bungalows, to flats, to a Manchester terraced house, a set of window shutters will work perfectly! They are a worthwhile investment for those with itchy feet, who are looking to increase the value of their home.

For most people looking to move, a key factor is how to add value to their house going on the market, ultimately how to increase the number on the price tag of your home and ways of making it the most appealing it can be to potential buyers. Our interior shutters add a luxury appeal to the home but minus the luxury price tag! Find shutters that are made to measure and they’ll fit your windows perfectly, and they’ll give off a real polished and expensive finish – a huge selling point for many. Any style of our shutters, from café style shutters, full height to tier on tier adds a little more value to your windows, helping you to get the most out of your old home before you move on.

With a wide variety of colours and types to choose from, adding interior shutters to your windows works well with any home style! Our customers who have had shutters installed primarily to boost the value of their house opt for more of a basic neutral tone, as they find it’s more of a crowd-pleaser. A set of clean, white window shutters is a great easy on the eye choice that compliments any room colour palette. Perhaps your vision is more bold and bright and your aiming to reel those future buyers in with an exciting, then choosing a vivid colour would work well. This works especially well for homes with larger windows, showing their beauty off with a big feature piece drawing the eyes to the windows using colours such reds or blues, guaranteed to take the breath away of anyone looking!

Installing window shutters isn’t just for those of you looking to make their home more attractive for it’s position on the housing market. At whatever stage you’re at with your home; newly moved to happily settled, we’re confident that you’ll appreciate and adore your newly installed window shutters. You can explore the different benefits that shutters bring to your home in our helpful shutter articles, from aiding your sleeping environment to boosting your privacy control and much more! A massive benefit is the longevity of them! Investing in shutters is investing in a window treatment that can really last through day to day wear for years to come. Unlike curtains, they are super easy to keep clean and maintain with no risk of fading or wear and tear! As they are made to measure, they fit your windows perfectly so there’s no chance of the awful ill-fitting look that you can often get with blinds. They’re a one-time purchase that once installed no longer need to be worried about (just simply admired)!

Contact us if you’re looking to sell or move to a new home, and one of our shutter experts will be happy to answer your shutter questions. Give us a call on 0800 044 8045, for a no fee no obligation home visit, to see if our fabulous shutters are right for you!