There’s More to Shutters than Meets the Eye

If there is anything to be said about plantation shutters, is that once installed they instantly lift the look of your home. Call us bias, but our range of shutters look particularly spectacular, because no matter the shape or size, we build your shutters to fit your windows! Shutters look incredible no matter what style of home you have; they are a complimentary window feature for sure. The amazingness of shutters isn’t limited to how they look either, interior shutters bring a whole range of other benefits that a lot of people don’t know about.

Though they may look complex, plantation shutters are incredibly easy to keep looking their best. When it comes to cleaning, no harsh chemicals or fancy gadgets are required, just grab a damp cloth and wipe down any dust and dirt to remove build up. In more humid rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen you can choose a waterproof polyvinyl material for your window shutters, so any concerns you may have over the chance of mould can be forgotten! All our shutters are built from premium quality materials making them extremely durable and long-lasting. With such easy care and maintenance you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner!

A second very interesting point that should be noted is the ecological benefits choosing shutters has. With raising concerns over protecting the environment, choosing sustainably sourced wooden shutters that last for years is a far better choice than a cheaper window treatment that could easily end up in a landfill after only a short-term use. Your electricity bills will easily reduce to, as shutters allow more natural light to enter the room, your lights don’t have to be on unnecessarily. Window shutters help rooms to retain heat, the additional layer on your windows prevent the air from escaping in the winter – both valuable features to reduce your energy consumption. All in all, interior shutters are a smart and more environmentally friendly choice of treatment for your windows.

Struggle sleeping? Perhaps you live on a busy street and you find it tough nodding off because of the buzzing noise of neighbours and cars passing by, plus the streetlamps light beaming in your room doesn’t help either. Even if you live out in the sticks, maybe hustle and bustle isn’t a problem, but come summer time you want to fancy a lie in on a Sunday morning, think again, your natural sunlight alarm clock shines through your window  – for sensitive sleepers out there, the right window treatment will value your sleep as much as you do. Our shutters are made from thick solid wood and when closed at night can block out any unwanted outside light from streetlamps (just like a blackout blind would). However, unlike a blackout blind, shutters also help to reduce any noise that might be coming from outside your window, so no longer will a noisy car driving by disturb your sleep, making for a great night’s sleep.

Past their beauty, shutters are a fantastic choice to add to your home for so many reasons that are easy to forget about. From easy maintenance, ecological benefits to helping you sleep, they can change your home in a variety of ways. If any of these surprising facts have caught your eye and you want to find out more then give us a call on 0800 044 8045, for a no fee, no obligation home visit and chat with our shutters expert.