The Most Hygienic Window Treatment

Finding a window treatment that ticks all the boxes on your list can be a challenge. When one of your main priorities is cleanliness, a window dressing that is a/easy to clean and b/limits the amount of dirt build-up would be the perfect choice. You guessed it, a set of plantation shutters is the answer you’ve been searching for. If you already have a beautiful set of shutters fitted in your home we’re giving you our top advice on how to keep them clean, and also highlighting the reasons why window shutters are a more hygienic window treatment.

When choosing a window treatment, there are a few different options to consider; curtains, blinds or shutters tend to be the main contenders, each type having different benefits. As curtains and blinds are usually fabric, they are made up of fibres, a hot spot hang out for bacteria, pollen or dust, and as a consequence means they regularly require dry cleaning (a major hassle over a longer time).

On the flip side as plantation shutters are a hard surface it isn’t quite so easy for dust to stick, and though it can still settle, it’s much easier to remove, a quick wipe down with a damp cloth or anti-bacterial wipes. Each home has their own cleaning regime, once or twice a week, once every couple of weeks, however you choose to keep your home spick and span, you’ll be pleased to know maintaining your fabulous set of shutters is easy peasy and can be incorporated into any schedule.

It’s good to remember that your shutters do need a little care when keeping them clean! Steer clear of using too much water as this can cause some severe damage if you have not opted for a waterproof option. For any hard stains that may appear over time, either from the odd accidental spill or splatter, apply a little pressure as you wipe with your usual (non-bleach) cleaning products. For more tips on how to clean your shutters take a look at our in depth cleaning guide here.

At Shutters Manchester we only use the finest quality wood for our wooden shutters or MDF alternatives for waterproof window treatments. We’re proud of our top quality shutters, they are built to last and with some TLC, they’ll look as good as the day you got them in years to come. Unlike curtains, which over time can face sun damage, dust build ups and just generally can end up a playground for bacteria shutters are simple, clean and long lasting.

Shutters are a very effective way of helping to keep your home clean, with significant benefits to their fabric rivals! If your interest has been caught by any of our tips in this blog, feel free to give our friendly shutter experts a call on 0800 044 8045 for a quick chat on how shutters might be right for you.