Solid Panel Shutters

Whereas our slatted plantation shutter range evokes the look and feel of the contemporary, solid panel shutters celebrate the elegance of a bygone era. A favourite for those looking to give off a Victorian style for their windows and home, solid panel window shutters look great on grand high-ceiling Regency terraces.

Solid panel interior shutters are a great option for those looking to block out as much light as possible, for instance in a child’s bedroom; you could quite happily choose louvered plantation shutters for your living room and solid panel shutters for your bedroom.

What’s more, you can even combine the solid with the louvered in one shutter with half solid panels. With a solid bottom and louvered top half, you’ll have greater control over the amount of light entering a room whilst retaining the completely hidden bottom half – these are a popular choice in street-facing rooms (good for hiding handles of doors, for example).

Our solid panel shutters are available in classic poplar wood or premium elm, the latter’s deep grained appearance offering something different to the former’s smooth finish.

Talk to a shutter design consultant today about installing a set of beautiful solid panel shutters into your home.