Shutters vs Blinds: Which Window Treatment to Choose

Call us bias, but we’re going to be rooting for a set of plantation shutters over blinds. From privacy control through to the aesthetics, we will happily give you the run down on why you should choose a set of shutters rather than blinds.

Privacy Control

Whether you’re in your front room watching Strictly, or soaking in the tub on a Sunday evening, we all appreciate our own privacy. A set of louvred interior shutters can be adjusted by titling the angles of the slats giving you ultimate privacy but with no light sacrificed. Blinds on the other hand, you either have them open, with the entire world passing by being able to see in, or closed, then you’re in complete darkness.


Unlike blinds, our plantation shutters are measured to seamlessly fit your windows, from corner to corner, to the exact millimetre. As they cover your entire window frame, a set of shutters will act as an extra barrier insulating your windows, so you don’t have to crank the thermostat up as much which is ideal for reducing energy bills and being more eco-friendly!

Easy air flow

It’s not just the colder seasons that interior shutters work well in, they accommodate to the warmer months too. Nobody likes a stuffy room, when it’s so hot you try and move as little as possible because it’s so hot and sticky. Adjusted shutter slats will allow a refreshing breeze to roll in whilst blocking out the beaming sunshine.

Beautiful and timeless

There’s no denying it, plantation shutters look the part from the inside and the outside. They add a smart and stylish je ne sais quoi to your windows, modern Parisian chic meets classic vintage realness, beautifully combining the best of all worlds. Watch out trend setters – shutters in your windows will often inspire your neighbours to follow the trend and they’ll be swapping their simple blinds for a stunning set of shutters. When you look to sell your home, your investment in shutters will have added value and that all important kerb appeal.

Light levels

Is there a window treatment that gives you the best light control? Yes… a set of shutters. Solid panel shutters can be wide open and the natural light will beautifully brighten up the room. Whereas louvered shutters, you can adjust the slats to an angle that reduces the amount of light, particularly if you have furniture that you want to protect from direct sunlight.

Minimal maintenance

We love to tell you that a set of interior shutters requires minimal effort when it comes to cleaning. Just like any other window treatment, shutters do gather dust, but the difference is you can simply wipe it away. Usually you have to faff and fiddle with blinds to do even a remotely good job, or take a trip to the dry cleaners, because a simple duster job will have not quite reached all the dirt. wooden shutters only require a regular wipe down, keeping them dust-mite free, an ideal solution for allergy sufferers!

Ready to swap your old drab blinds for a smart set of shutters? Contact our local experts to discuss any ideas you have on fitting shutters in your home. They’ll be pleased to answer your questions with honest and friendly advice. Our dedicated, Manchester-based wooden shutters specialist will deliver an in-home consultation, including a surveying and measuring your windows, plus there’s no obligation to purchase!