Shutters Protect your Privacy

As beloved as our city is, Manchester is a busy place and privacy can sometimes be a little difficult to achieve. From the stunning apartments in Salford Quays down to the townhouses in Greater Manchester, a window treatment that provides you with privacy is a must! But why are window shutters an optimal choice in that department?

Your privacy needs will depend on the windows of the room that you are looking to dress. But how do you find just one window treatment that will provide you with everything you are looking for? We think you might know the answer to that one…

There are a few rooms in the home that you will probably want to keep private, especially if they face onto the street – there’s nothing worse than a nosey neighbour peeking in as they walk by! The living room is a main living space in any home and can be kept open and airy for entertaining, or by evening could switch to a calmer more relaxing atmosphere to unwind after a busy day. Café shutters are a fantastic shutter style to choose for this scenario with them only covering half the window. From an outside perspective they don’t look unwelcoming, but for inside the house half shutters provide you with the privacy you might be looking for! As the top portion of your window is still exposed light will be able to easily shine through during the day but at night will keep the main room in your home cosy and private.

Your bedroom is another room you will want to keep private at times. For your bedroom windows we would recommend a set of full height shutters, solid or louvred. If you have chosen solid shutters, these cover the entirety of your windows so that when they are closed they completely shut of your window, providing ultimate privacy. But if you have chosen louvred shutters you can adjust the shutter slats to close whilst still allowing some light in during the day, to completely closed at night. Full height shutters are definitely a better choice for rooms like this as they will also block out any light or noise disturbances at night.

No matter the room you are decorating, or where your home might be situated, plantation shutters are a fantastic choice in allowing you to keep some privacy when it suits you best. Here at Shutters Manchester we have a variety of shutter styles to choose from, all of which can provide a multitude of benefits!

Take a look at what our shutters can do for you or get in contact and speak to one of our shutter experts today!