Shutters for Patio Doors

If you’ve got French doors in your home, you may be a little stuck for decorating ideas. When looking at them, options can seem limited and the default choice is often patio door curtains, which aren’t necessarily the most practical route to take.

It might just be time to consider plantation shutters. After all, you’re looking for a window fitting that allows privacy but doesn’t block the light. You’ve probably thought about leaving them bare, but at night-time that large area of dark glass can look somewhat cold and uninviting. Shutters can solve these issues, and many others, in the most stylish and practical of ways.

Why choose shutters over curtains for patio doors?

They give you privacy and light control

This is an area where curtains simply can’t compete. Shutters are the only form of window dressing that emphasise light rather than block it. Their adjustable slats are designed to be fully or partially open, affording you more solitude and light control. Conversely, curtains are only designed to be opened or closed, with a very much ‘like it or lump it’ remit.

Shutters disguise unattractive door handles

Perhaps you’re not happy with the look of your French door frame or handles? If so, shutters are a perfect way of concealing these whilst bringing elegance to your home. Mid rails are an option we provide that can be positioned at any desired height. These are useful for separating portions within the frame, allowing you to split the slats’ functionality. For example, you can close one set whilst another stays open, and these can still be placed neatly behind your handles.

Plantation shutters are made to measure

Measurements for French doors often exceed industry standard measurements on ready-made curtains and blinds. With shutters this simply isn’t a concern. All the shutters we install are made to measure and fit securely in the opening of your doors and side windows.

They keep children and pets inside

If you have pets or young children, having shutters installed provides an effective exit barrier, especially in summer months when ventilation is a necessity. This is when a latch system also comes in handy, placed high up in the shutter stiles, to keep toddlers or animals from opening them.

Shutters provide an extra layer of insulation

Many French doors are prone to draughts, and here shutters offer a welcome extra layer of insulation. They effectively reduce heat loss and ultimately reduce your fuel payments.


What are the design options for patio doors?

Depending on your preference, shutters can be designed in a variety of ways. But there are two popular choices when choosing shutters for French doors. The first is full height shutters with louvers, built as a 3-sided frame that typically utilises a mid-rail to disguise handles. This design lets in the most light whilst also providing an effective level of light control.


The second option is for part solid louvred shutters, again constructed with a 3-sided frame, containing a solid shutter on the lower half of the door, with slats on the upper half. What’s great about this design is that the solid section underneath is easy to clean, particularly when traffic comes in and out, bringing all manner of dust and fragments in from outdoors.

These part solid, part louvred shutters have a rather more traditional appeal and do a good job of breaking up the overall shutter design, which is particularly useful if you’re covering patio doors that have shorter side windows.

So, if you’re feeling passionate about transforming your patio doors, then contact our skilled team and we’ll quickly organise a dedicated, Manchester-based, wooden shutters expert who can deliver an in-home consultation. There’s no requirement to make a purchase, and we’ll survey and measure your window in less than 1 hour. Call us on 0800 044 8045.