Shutters Do Their Bit for the Environment too

The treatment of our planet is on a lot of people’s minds nowadays. Shows like David Attenborough’s Blue Planet and government bills setting goals for the future, a lot of us are looking for ways we can be more environmentally friendly. It’s important that we adapt and change to look after our environment, and we can start with some changes in the home! Plantation shutters are a great addition to the house that have significant benefits to the environment such as reducing the use of electricity around the home, using more sustainable materials in the manufacturing process and helping to control temperature across all seasons.

Reducing electricity around the home

In today’s day and age, it’s easy to forget just how much energy we use around the home. Plantation shutters are a simple way of reducing some unnecessary electricity uses, they’re a great step in the right direction. Shutters have two main ways that they reduce energy. Firstly, unlike fabric curtains which will often need to be thrown in the washing machine to keep them in great condition, window shutters are easy to keep clean with a simple wipe down with a damp cloth – no wash in the machine needed! Secondly, all styles of window shutters allow light in, so, less artificial light is needed throughout the day. Instead, bright natural light can fill your home and you don’t have to rely on artificial, electric light in the day.

Temperature control

As plantation shutters are a second covering over your window, in winter this acts as extra insulation often blocking out any drafts coming from (mainly) older windows. A common problem this causes is loss of heating through the windows, and consequently the heating is turned up to make up for it, which has a massive impact on your electricity use. In summer, window shutters work similarly if you have air conditioning. However, it also provides a form of ventilation allowing air to flow in and out easily. This removes the need to invest in expensive air conditioning units, saving you money as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

When choosing wooden shutters, our poplar wood range is a great sustainable choice and is all completely FSC certified. The Forest Stewardship Council, a non-profit organisation, ensures that our timber comes from areas where woodland is replanted after use. This guarantees that our wood is from sustainable sources and doesn’t cost the earth! For a little more information about the quality and type of materials we use, take a look at:

Our plantation shutters are a simple, yet energy efficient addition to any home, plus they can save you some money on your energy bills. If this article has got you interested or you would like to know a little more information, then give our team a call for a no fee, no obligation home visit and consultation, to provide you with a bit more information. Call us on 0161 452 0718.