Shutters Combat High Humidity Rooms

Here at Shutters Manchester we offer every style of our shutters in various types of wood, as well as PVC materials that work particularly well in humid rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen. Humidity can be an issue all year around depending on the weather for example, in the winter when the hot air of our heating meets the cold glass of our windows condensation tends to occur. Humidity and condensation can easily damage or effect your window coverings if they are not waterproof or well maintained.

Waterproof Materials, and Easy Clean

For very humid rooms we highly suggest using waterproof materials instead of heavy materials such as curtains. Our polyvinyl shutters are completely waterproof and therefore do not absorb any moisture from dampness in the air. This means that there is no chance of them growing mouldy overtime, which is very likely for thicker or cotton materials such as drapes and blinds that can easily absorb moisture eventually leading them to collect mould.

With the easy clean nature of our shutters, when they do become damp from a humid room a simple wipe down with any cloth can remove this, keeping them clean and fresh. Removing the harmful effects a build-up of mould can cause. This saves time and money, when blinds become damp its very hard to save them leading to regular replacement if you want them to stay looking nice, whereas curtains require constant washing to keep their freshness. A quick wipe down makes shutters a far more sensible choice.


With the waterproof nature of these shutters, they are far more durable than our regular shutters in a humid environment. They keep their shape rather than expanding in the heat or shrinking with the risk of becoming brittle. The strong aluminium core stops this from happening keeping the original shape intact. There’s also little risk of water damage which can happen with other window treatments, such as paint cracking and peeling, water spots, and warping, all of which are common with blinds and curtains. Polyvinyl shutters have little risk of this and will remain in great condition despite a little dampness in the air!

If you’re looking for a great choice to combat the effects of humidity then contact our skilled shutters team today who are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Give our team a call on 0800 044 8045 for a no fee no obligation home visit and consultation!