The Rise of Manchester’s Modern Flats

Modern flats have been a dominant sight in UK cities since the early 1950s. Initially welcomed as a solution to unsanitary Victorian terrace housing and the desolate spaces caused by German bombing in World War Two, their early novelty rapidly eroded along with some of the poor structural design that their quick rollout required.

But times change, and Manchester’s skylines are once again bursting with activity, with a breath-taking array of luxury developments accompanying the wide selection of apartments already in the city.

Here we look at the attractions of living in modern flats in Manchester and where you can find them. We’ll also be showing how you can make the most of your modern apartment with some classic, timeless designs.

Modern flats – a brief background

With their larger living spaces, panoramic views and clean, concrete designs, purpose-built flats were embraced by the public – originally at least. However, their popularity with families and older residents soon declined as their locations were often on the outskirts of cities, offering poor transport links and minimal recreational availability. Communal elements were a low priority and residents felt alienated.

However, many of these early builds have been demolished or repurposed to meet rising demand from the wealth of young professionals attracted to Manchester. And in their wake, a striking new wave of high-rise homes has arrived, putting Manchester firmly on the map as a vibrant, modern city with everything to offer.

The appeal of modern flats

Unusually for a UK city, Manchester has no height restrictions, and this has helped enable the current boom in modern, high-rise flats. With demand for this kind of accommodation skyrocketing, it’s no surprise that Manchester has become an exciting hub of new-build activity, with close to 14,000 units currently under construction. The city has already experienced an influx of 50,000 new residents within the last 8 years and a further 30,000 are expected to follow.

Professionals aged 25-34 years are particularly attracted to these types of homes. And without children to look after, a two bedroom flat in the heart of the city represents a perfect investment. Larger apartment complexes usually offer desirable amenities like swimming pools, gyms and underground car parks. Residents feel secure thanks to the layers of security on offer such as gates, coded access, concierges and CCTV.


As well as in the centre, modern flats can also be found in Salford Quays, only five miles away from the heart of Manchester. Places like Chorlton and Stockport have a wide range of flats for sale and offer quick road access and regular rail links. On the southern edge of town, illustrating the sheer scale of ambition on display, lies the huge development known as Deansgate Square. It houses 4 skyscrapers, one of which features Manchester’s tallest building at 201 metres, making it the 5th tallest building in the UK.


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