Privacy That Doesn’t Look Unwelcoming

For many house-proud people, it’s important to keep the aesthetics of their home looking nice both on the inside and outside. We all like to admire our homes which is why we spend time making minor and major enhancements, from new furniture to wall art, to even improving your window furnishings –  and when your neighbours compliment your new improvements, it’s a welcomed plus! However, privacy is essential to most homeowners, stopping any nosy people walking past from peeking in on your street-facing room – but most of us don’t want our privacy to appear hostile.


Shutters are a great way of maintaining privacy in your home, from solid panels to slatted, each one puts control in your hands. Shutter styles with slats can be tilted to block visibility from the outside as well as the light – you decide how much light and airflow to let in, whilst still providing you with as much privacy as you’d like. This is great for certain rooms in the house that might be street-facing, particularly bedrooms and bathrooms where your dignity is more likely to be at risk of being on public display. When closed, shutters can keep complete privacy by blocking out the whole window.

The Fit

As our shutters are made to measure, they will fit your windows perfectly no matter what the shape is! So, when closed the entirety of your windows can be covered to ensure complete privacy. It is important to be able to find a window covering that when completely closed still looks good on the outside as well as the inside. Often when closed curtains can make the home look a little unwelcoming, and the same for blinds – especially if they are ill-fitting. With our variety of shutter materials and colours, window shutters can look fabulous from every perspective.

Colour and Appearance

Our range of bespoke shutters come in a wide variety of colours and styles – from bold bright statement colours to more neutral and natural shades. Wooden shutters also look great, displaying more of a softer and natural appearance. With such a wide variety, and dependant on your aesthetics taste, shutters can be the main feature for interior design. Our customers who have chosen a brighter colour shutter set have commented on how many compliments they get, and LOVE that they are eye-catching to people passing by.

Café style shutters are a popular choice for privacy control, with the bottom half of your window shutter-covered, and the top half of your window is completely open to the outdoors. A great choice for those who wish to maintain their privacy but keep the outside of their homes looking great!

Any one of our shutters are a fantastic option for anyone looking to improve their privacy control – and remember, privacy control doesn’t have to look hostile. Find the ideal set of shutters that will look stylish indoors and outdoors, perfect for any street facing home. If you would like some more information about our shutters give us a call and a local shutters expert will be happy to answer any questions. For a no fee, no obligation home visit and consultation call 0800 044 8045.