Our Top Tips for Cleaning your Shutters

So, we all know that shutters are a fantastic addition to your home, bringing you benefits you never would have thought of! But did you also know that they’re great for those with a hectic schedule?  Whatever the reason may be, from a time consuming work life, to a large family to care for, we’ve all come home after a busy day or week and dreaded the thought of the housework. Shutters can be a true life saver. Quick and easy cleaning makes maintaining them a breeze around a busy life!

What to do…

Firstly, we do recommend regular cleaning. Grab a clean damp cloth to give your shutters a quick, light rub down, it will only take a few minutes, a quick chore to add to your general house cleaning! Closing the slats and wiping them down this way can save you even more time. You can also use a hoover to run along the shutter slats, like the cloth it’s quick, easy and efficient in helping your shutters sparkle.

Though shutters are a quick clean, it’s important to give them a more thorough once over every now and then. Using a soft toothbrush you can get into all the nooks and crannies you might not normally reach with a cloth.

If you have a set of full height shutters or very tall windows, then use a feather duster for those hard to reach high up spots. Gently removing any dust that may have built up.

Kitchen shutters are more likely to suffer from more severe dirt build ups, depending on how messy a cook you are! As typically they are waterproof, we recommend a mix of a little dish soap and water, dip a cloth in and use this to remove any sticky spots.

Don’t do…

There is one thing you need to remember when it comes to cleaning your shutters: always keep the material of your shutters in mind. Wooden shutters absorb water, but once dried can shrink or distort, causing warping. So we recommend steering clear of a damp cloth in this case and choosing a vacuum or duster instead. Waterproof fauxwood shutters of course are absolutely fine to clean down with water.

Secondly, if you find any odd smudges, don’t rub too hard to remove them as this can cause some damage. Use a little pressure with a damp cloth and all blemishes should be easily removed.

As you can see keeping your shutters clean and sparkly is actually really simple! Unlike heavy curtains that need to be professionally cleaned to maintain, looking after your shutters is easy and hassle free to keep them looking good.

If a simple life of cleaning grabbed your attention the please do give our shutter experts a call on 0800 044 8045, for a quick no fee no obligation home visit and see for yourself the time they can save on your list of chores!