Manchester Homes; Victorian Row Houses

The Victorian era lasted 64 years, and as you’d expect from such an extensive time period, it provided many different styles of houses. Regency, Italianite, Gothic Revival & Queen Anne stylings all vied for attention, but these were designed to appeal to the upper classes and not ordinary middle and working class families.

A brief background of Victorian Row Houses

With mass industrialisation expanding into areas like Manchester, terraced housing became commonplace. ‘Back to back’ terraced houses for the workers were a familiar if unwelcome sight, with Ancoats becoming the world’s first industrial suburb in the 1840s. By the late 19th century, their dark, cramped designs were deemed inhumane and gave way to social housing and the type of solidly built terraced houses that still feature so prominently today. Many of these terraced homes were flat-fronted, sitting right on the pavement.

But after 1894, building regulations changed, meaning windows no longer had to be flush with their property, and terraced houses with bay windows began to be incorporated into designs. Here we’ll be giving an overview of Mancunian Victorian Row Houses and revealing how you can stylishly transform the look of your period bay windows.

Appearance and location

Victorian Row houses are typically larger than traditional terrace builds and can feature up to four bedrooms. Many have the bay windows, originally designed for reading or writing in good light, and can be set away from the pavement via a small front path and garden. These houses are red or sand-bricked in colour and sometimes feature a mixture of both hues. In a Victorian home the front door is usually located to the side of the façade with a narrow, often tiled hallway. Fireplaces in each room were standard back in the day.

Victorian Row houses are built to last and are desirable properties for Mancunians. They can be found in areas like Rusholme and Salford, both benefiting from being with 3 miles of the city centre where destinations like The Manchester Museum and the beautifully restored Elizabeth Gaskell’s house await us. Salford-side, there are no end of attractions at Media City and the Quays, and these are great locations to help one feel fully plugged into the best of what this great city has to offer.

Through the stylish window

If you live in a Victorian Row house and are thinking of giving your home a facelift, then one of the most stylish things you can do is install wooden plantation shutters. They work beautifully on bay windows, complimenting the classic design whilst elegantly transforming both the inside and outside appearance.

Shutters really embrace a property’s heritage and also provide significant benefits:

  • Insulation – you can turn those thermostats a couple of degrees lower in the colder months as shutters supply an effective extra layer between the glass and the room’s interior. This works effectively in warmer weather too as they help keep the heat out.
  • Light control – it’s annoying having to regularly close the curtains to reduce the sun’s glare when watching TV or working at a computer. By limiting and reducing this glare, shutters also decrease any fading of soft furnishings.
  • Privacy – a great many houses with bay windows are located on busy streets where passers-by can invade your privacy. Choosing either full height or café style shutters guarantees an effectively stylish solution.

If you’re passionate about renovating your Victorian Row House, then contact our skilled team and we’ll quickly arrange a dedicated, Manchester-based, wooden shutters specialist who can deliver an in-home consultation. There’s no obligation to purchase, we’ll survey and measure your window in less than 1 hour. Call us on 0161 452 0718