Louvred or Solid Shutters: What is the Difference?

So, you’ve made the decision that plantation shutters are the window treatment for you. You’ve picked your shutter style, whether that’s a café style, tier on tier or full height, and you know the colour you want to pick. Surely, you are all set to go? But wait there’s one last decision to make! When it comes to the panels of your shutters, which is the best option for you? Louvred? Or a solid wood finish?

Firstly, let’s clarify what each of these are. Whichever way you spell them, louvred or louvered, these shutters are made up of slats – similar to a blind in theory, but for a variety of reasons, are a much more versatile option. The slats make up the entire panel and are built from thick quality wood or polyvinyl materials. The slats can be angled to your preference changing how much light filtered into your home. Solid shutters, however, are one single pane of wood used to make the shutter panel. This is the more traditional style of shutters and have been a common window covering since way back to the Tudor period.

Louvred Shutters

But why would you choose louvred shutters? These are a great option and will work with every home interior and they complement every shutter style that we offer. As a bit more of a modern twist, they use slats to give you complete control over how much light and air you want to let into your home. With a multitude of ways to adjust and angle them to suit the levels of light you want throughout the day.

One bonus of louvred shutters that you don’t see with solid, is the ability to let light in whilst keeping your privacy. By adjusting the slats into the correct position, light can still seep through whilst keeping some of your privacy, whereas solid shutters either remain open or closed.

Solid Panel Shutters

Solid shutters, the more traditional choice, work well in all sorts of builds but especially compliment those older homes that have more of a period look. Again, they work well with all styles of shutters, and can even be paired with curtains for a stylised finish to the windows.

Solid panel shutters work especially well in bedrooms as they can block out the most amount of light, providing a barrier against the glass that easily prevents any disturbances from getting in. Equally, they can brighten up a room during the day when opened, exposing the whole window.


For those of you out there that still can’t quite decide which one is the best choice for you, you’ll be happy to know that you can combine the two styles into one set of shutters! This combines the benefits both shutter styles have to offer into one.

This works using tier on tier shutters, for example you could have the bottom panel as solid wood ensuring your privacy is protected when closed, and the top part louvered so that you can control the shutter slats to let more light in.

Whatever style you choose, both louvred and solid panel shutters are going to make a fantastic addition to your home. The main decision boils down to you and your preferences! Ready to take the next step and order yourself some fantastic new window shutters? Give us a call on 0800 044 8045 and we’ll arrange for one of our Manchester-based, plantation shutter experts to visit your home and deliver an all in one consultation.