Living Room Shutters

Shutters in the lounge are not only a great eye-catching design feature but are also a very practical choice. They can increase the amount of light in your room and can protect your privacy, as well as your expensive furniture. Alongside this they aid in temperature control and are very easy to clean and maintain. This long list of plus points makes them a great choice of treatment to add to your living room windows!

Increase Light and Privacy
Light can easily be adjusted while retaining privacy by changing the angles of the slats on any louvre style shutters, allowing light through whilst ensuring privacy from prying eyes. If you prefer solid panel shutters they can be opened completely during the day letting light flood through and closed in the evening to provide more privacy whilst you wind down. Both shutter styles lighten up your living space making rooms and the windows themselves appear bigger as the edges of the window are clearly defined and not covered with fussy curtains.

Temperature Control
Lounge shutters during the winter create a solid wooden barrier giving an extra obstacle to chilly drafts coming through your windows or window frames. Window shutters also stop any heat escaping, keeping your lounge warm and cosy all winter long. However, shutters are beneficial in controlling temperatures in any season not just winter. You can open the shutter slats allowing air to easily flow into the room bringing the breeze through but blocking sunlight on a hot summer day, and then fully open them to benefit from the cooler air in the evening.

living room shutters

Our bespoke design shutters are a beautiful addition to any living room. You can choose a shutter colour that compliments your lounge décor and furniture. or stick with classic white or wooden shutters for a timeless style. Living room shutters are a quality window treatment you will adore from the inside and your neighbours will admire from the outside.