Kitchen Shutters and What to Consider

The first few months of the year can always be a little gloomy, but we think that this makes it the perfect time to give your home the TLC it deserves! Our kitchen windows can easily be overlooked but can actually have quite the impact on how the overall room comes together. With a little spruce up your entire kitchen can feel the benefits and make your cooking experience a that little bit nicer, and of course we feel that plantation shutters are the perfect way to do this!


Firstly, you should always consider which material you want your kitchen shutters to be made from. At Shutters Manchester we offer both solid wood and polyvinyl options, so you can diversify between each room. Polyvinyl is a fantastic option for the kitchen and we would recommend this more so than solid wood shutters. Being made from plastic, these window shutters wouldn’t warp in humid conditions and there is no risk of water damage which could easily occur if you have windows above your sink, whereas wooden shutters could potentially suffer from both water stains and warpage, so polyvinyl is definitely the safer choice!

It’s easy to think that a quick cheap set of fabric blinds could easily do the job, but these are not a long-lasting solution. If you’re a more adventurous chef be wary as stronger smells can linger on the fabric fibres of blinds, and any accidental spillages are quick to stain. Plantation shutters on the other hand are simple to clean with a quick wipe down eliminating the risk of staining, as well as staying scent free.


In many homes the kitchen tends to be one of the most used rooms, whether it’s for the multiple ‘quick snack trips’ or the perfect spot for a coffee catch up with friends, it’s a room that you’d probably appreciate it looking more easy on the eye. Some kitchens can be a bit more basic when it comes to wall art, window shutters can really open up your windows turning them into a feature of their own, especially when choosing a brighter bolder colour!

With one of their key features being maximising the light that enters your home, dependant on your window shapes, we would recommend either a café style or full height shutters as the perfect complement to any kitchen style. Both styles allow light to come flooding in, brightening and cheering up any kitchen. But did you know shutters are great for ventilation too? Opening the slats on louvred styles against an open window allows air to flow in and out which is very handy after a big cooking session!

Overall adding a set of interior shutters to your kitchen windows is a great way to cheer up your kitchen, breathing a sense of new life into the room without completely redecorating it. With multiple benefits that easily suit any room, shutters are a fantastic option anywhere within the home.

If you have found yourself a little interested in what shutters can do for your kitchen then give our team a call on 0800 044 8045 and one of our shutters experts will be more than happy to chat to you about your options.