Keeping Cool With Shutters This Summer

The European heatwave is creeping in with some places in the UK starting to see highs of 30. Though we all love a bit of sunshine this increase in temperature and heat, often means unbearably stuffy homes and a difficulty to keep cool. Shutters can be a great addition in cases like this helping to cool the house and prevent any damaging effects from the sun’s intensity.


We look forward to that gorgeous summer heat from the moment the temperature drops below double figures, but we all know that while the sun is lovely to lounge outside in, bringing that heat inside the house isn’t quite as pleasant. This is something we all try to tackle especially during a heat wave, when all you want is a nice cool house to step into after a day in the sun. Plantation shutters are a surprising answer that you’ll wish you found sooner. With a full height set of solid panel shutters, closing these against the harsh rays of the sun instantly blocks out the heat and its effects of beaming though the window. They stop any cool air from fans or air conditioning from escaping, and the result is a cool home – refreshing against the intense heat outside.

Though solid panel shutters can completely block out the heat, other styles of plantation shutters can also be used to let cool air flow in.  In terms of interior shutters, if the window is left open, but the shutters closed the slats on louvre style shutters can be angled upwards leaving them partially but not completely closed. This is enough to block out any heat coming from outside, however by leaving the slats open slightly, a little light can still come through whilst also allowing any breeze from outside to enter the house. In comparison to curtains, which tend to darken and keep the heat in, shutters are definitely the better window treatment to use in the summer.

Effects of Sunlight

Sunlight can be fairly damaging to fabrics and prints around the house when left in direct exposure over time and heat waves can be a big contributing factor to this, a problem that venetian or vertical blinds often don’t solve. Whilst you want to stop too much light from affecting the décor around your home, it’s still important to allow some natural light in – louvre style shutters can keep this balance. With the choice of opening, closing or angling the slats the amount of light you let into your home can easily be adjusted to whatever suits you best whilst still preserving your home furnishings.

Shutters are a great investment for not just the summer months as they can help regulate the temperature of your home all year round. If anything in this post has got your interest, feel free to give our experts a quick call for a no fee no obligation home visit and consultation, and provide you with some more information. Call us on 0800 044 8045.