How Shutters Transform your Home Interior

Plantation shutters bring a certain something that other window treatments don’t. Chic and elegant in style, they will compliment any existing furnishings, better still, they’ll add the character your room was missing before. Perhaps you’re looking for more of an inspiring statement piece? Carefully chosen, shutters can turn your windows into the prime luxe feature of any room.

Wine and dine

Kitchens are a busy place in most homes. We cook, we entertain, so it makes sense that being one of the most used rooms in the home that it deserves a special window treatment. Appearance wise, shutters are undoubtedly the most stylish window dressing for the kitchen. They’re effortlessly minimalistic, avoiding any detraction from your other kitchen features. Choose a colour that compliments your cupboards or opt for a more neutral shade that will work beautifully alongside anything. Choosing polyvinyl waterproof shutters will help them to withstand the high humidity levels in the kitchen.

Smart and sassy

Find the perfect colour to emanate your own personal style. Neutral shades for a minimalistic approach, or bolder colours to show off your sassy side. Unlike other window dressings that can often appear drab, made to measure shutters are sleek and smart. Homes that are beautifully colour schemed, with blues and greys, browns and beiges, will be complete with a set of shutters. With such a variety of shutter colours, there is no design scheme that wouldn’t benefit from shutters. We like to reiterate the importance of choosing the right colour to reflect your personality – when it’s the right fit, you’ll be amazed at how a window treatment will lift your mood!

Weird and wonderful

Our interior shutters can be built to fit all shapes and sizes of window. Highlighting unique features of your home is a great way of making it your own. Made to measure shutters are built to your measurements, so don’t rule out a difficult window – we can help make it a fabulous feature just like the others. We’ve all seen bay windows, and if your house has them, then you’ll know that they’re not the easiest of windows to dress. Shutters are a perfect match for bay windows, they create a fantastic focal point in your home. From the outside your property will appear sleek, and the window angles are accentuated, from indoors, your windows will look incredible.

Room to grow

Decorating kid’s rooms can be fun, but after the third or fourth time, you may want to consider finding a timeless window treatment to compliment the décor as your child grows. A set of bedroom shutters will see your little one grow from baby in arms through to leaving the nest. Choosing a more natural finish is a great choice, wooden shutters are beautifully rustic and will suit a whole range of colour schemes. Just like the neutral shades, beiges, greys and paler tones pair up nicely with multiple colour combos. We’re certain as your little ones grows older, they’ll love their shutters, just as much as you love not having to chop and change them!

Whatever your style, window shutters can reflect it, an amazing way to put your personality in a window treatment! Fit them in any room of the house and they will instantly transform the space. Call our local shutters team on 0800 044 8045 to find out what shutter colours and styles would add some extra fabulousness to your interior.