How Shutters Make a Room Look Brighter

Winter is coming, dark mornings and shorter days, it’s the time of year when we appreciate as much light as possible. Lack of natural light can often get to us, that’s why it’s important to try and make your rooms at home as light as possible. Light makes a room feel larger, and generally creates a more welcoming atmosphere. It’s tough in winter because it’s usually so grey and dreary. Here are some helpful ways in which adding shutters to your windows can help you get more natural light into your home.

Heavy curtains are notorious for blocking out those precious little rays of sunshine the British winter treats us to occasionally, and ill-fitting blinds can often do the same. Maybe it’s time to re-think those old drab window coverings and look at how interior shutters can brighten up your darker spaces.

So, it’s decided, you’re going to ditch those tatty curtains and treat your home to a new window treatment, so you can finally see some natural light in your rooms. Shutters are the way forward! If your home naturally struggles with its light consumption, or your home décor choices are darker in colour we recommend choosing white, or lighter coloured shutters. Keeping your window treatments lighter in colour means that sunlight can bounce and reflect into the room, instantly brightening up the room. Just a simple colour touch-up on the window really does lighten the room, saving the hassle and price tag of a complete room transformation.

All our fabulous shutter styles, louvred to solid panels, full height to café style, will put light control in your capable hands. Pulling back solid shutters exposes the whole of your window, so watch as the outside light comes streaming in. Slatted shutters can be tilted at all sorts of angles to give you as much or as little light as you want. We do recommend however, for those of you with smaller darker rooms, choosing a wider slat on your louvred shutters, as this maximises the amount of light that can get in once they’re opened.

We hope our tips have inspired you, we can all agree that a set of plantation shutters in your home will certainly help to create a lighter and more cheerful atmosphere – and as a result give you a little more spring in your step throughout the grey wintery months. If you want to maximise the capabilities of your windows then give our shutter experts a quick call on: 0800 044 8045, for a no fee no obligation home visit and consultation. You’ll be shocked at the difference they can make!