How Shutters Can Benefit Your Health

Health might not be your first thought when considering how to dress your windows, but the right window treatment can actually make a difference to your wellbeing. If you’re thinking of curtains or blinds, why not consider shutters, which can help with sleeping problems, allergies and even improve overall happiness, making them the number one healthy choice in window décor!

Sleep better, feel better.

Increasing the amount and the quality of your sleep is the first major improvement that a set of shutters can do for your health. Solid, or slatted shutters block out outside light making the room completely dark and easier to rest in. This reduces the chance of disturbances throughout the night from passing headlights which are a common complaint in many areas of Manchester. Blocking street lights out allows you to fall asleep at whatever time suits you without being disturbed. As they are a solid barrier they are also very effective at reducing noise, something which even interlined blackout curtains can struggle to achieve.

Temperature can also strongly affect your sleep. Instead of suffering in the summer heat, keeping shutters closed at night keeps the room cool enough to doze comfortably, whilst in winter the heat is kept in and shutters stop any cold winter drafts from interrupting your sleep.

Reduce dust and reduce allergies

It’s easy for dust to collect around the house and due to the warmth of most homes this allows dust mites to multiply. These mites are common in triggering asthma in young people, as well as causing hay fever like symptoms in others. Curtains and blinds collect this dust within their fibres, making it more difficult to thoroughly clean. Steam cleaning curtains can sometimes defeat this problem however over time this can damage and fade fabric and it can be difficult to find the time to do every week. In comparison any style of shutters can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt, making them easier to maintain and low cost. Worries about allergies are reduced and being around the house is made far more comfortable!

Give your wellbeing and overall happiness a boost

Lastly, shutters brighten and give a more open feel to the house helping to better the atmosphere. Pulling back solid shutters to expose the entire window, or opening the slats of a louvre style shutter allows natural light to come beaming through brightening the house and lifting the mood of anyone around. Air can flow freely through the slats of shutters, providing ventilation throughout the house without leaving curtains flapping in the wind or reducing privacy, which is ideal in the spring and summer months. Any of our shutter styles shown on our website can open up the window and make it more of a feature, and of course choosing a bright bold colour for your shutters can help to uplift you and put you in a great mood when you see them.

So, in comparison to curtains and blinds, not only are shutters easier to keep clean and allergy free, they have benefits in aiding your mental wellbeing, and help achieve a great night’s sleep! Making them a great choice for a healthy lifestyle as well as a stylish home.

If you’re interested in learning more about how shutters can help your wellbeing and improve your home, then contact one of our friendly team members for a no obligation and no fee home visit from a local shutters expert, to measure up your windows and provide you with a quote. Call us on 0800 044 8045.