Full Height vs Tier on Tier Shutters

Introducing a set of plantation shutters to your windows can be as statement as you like, or if you prefer minimalist chic that’s an option too. Each shutter style offers a fabulous range of benefits, all will have an impact on insulation, improve natural light control, and make privacy management more flexible.

When you’re considering a style that will cover your windows from top to bottom, side to side, you’ll have the choice of the classic, and seemingly popular full height shutters, and the wonderfully versatile (in function and appearance) tier on tier shutters. Maybe you’ve got an idea on the colour you’d like, the material you’d prefer and what room your dream set of shutters will be fitted in, but the decision still remains, should you choose full height or tier on tier?

Full height


Firstly, full height shutters are ideal for taller windows, they make an impressive feature in any room and you can choose between solid panels or louvered. In fact, full height shutters are a smart choice for any size or shape of window, there are no limits to what it can cover and being so versatile with it’s windows means that you could have them in any room.

Full height shutters will offer maximum privacy and light control, ideal for rooms like the bedroom where you may be looking for a window treatment to offer complete light blockage.

Similarly, once either you’ve closed your slats or shut your panel, they provide effective insulation keeping cold drafts or hot sweaty air out, another fantastic benefit to a bedroom or perhaps even the living room.


There are little cons when it comes to full height shutters, but here it goes. With any darker rooms in your house, perhaps you’re looking for less window coverage. Less coverage so that more natural light will flood the room and lighten it up. In these cases, tier on tier shutters will make this easier to manage. If you’re looking for more flexibility in light and privacy control, then you’d be better off with tier on tier. Full length shutters are restricted to one panel, so either all your slats will be up or down, there’s no half and half.

Tier on tier


Tier on tier shutters are probably our more versatile option of shutters. Made up of two separate panels, one upper and one lower, you can operate each one independently to the other. Top marks for flexibility.

Perhaps you have a room that is street-facing, and you’d like to protect your privacy whilst maintaining the beautiful outdoor light, achieve the perfect combination as you keep the bottom half shut for privacy whilst opening the top half for full light-entry.

On some occasions, you may need to access your window-sill, no problem, simply open the bottom half and access is there.  If flexibility is a key element of what you’re looking for in a window treatment, then tier on tier shutters will be perfect.


If you’re looking for wooden shutters, depending on the size of your windows, tier on tier shutters may not be suitable for too wider windows. The wood our shutters are built from is 100% solid, so they’ll be substantially heavy, so on wider windows, this may cause the top tier to sag over time, this is something our shutter experts will be able to advise you on.

Although they are amazingly flexible, proportionally, tier on tier shutters are made up of a larger frame compared to full height, therefore on smaller windows you may in fact get less light. Lastly, bear in mind if you want to gain full benefit, having two separate panels will require them to be treated separately, twice the adjusting, the opening and closing of each panel.

There you have it, when it comes to comparing the two stunning shutter styles that cover your entire window, it totally depends on what you want to get out of them and the size of window they’ll be fitted to. Contact our team on 0800 044 8045 and speak to one of our shutter experts, they’ll answer any of your shutter-related questions. You can discuss styles, materials, colours and they’ll help you find the perfect set of shutters for your home.

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