Finding Luxury Window Treatments for Affordable Prices

Here at Shutters Manchester, we are avid fans of all thing’s shutters, as if you couldn’t already tell! We also appreciate that home-decorating budgets vary from person to person, and while some may not see plantation shutters as a big investment, others need to give the idea some more thought before they reach for their bank card. We have gathered the cost related factors you need to consider to aid your decision before you eagerly start shopping for your perfect, luxury window treatment.

If you are new to the fabulous world of shutters, full height solid shutters may intimidate you slightly as they cover the entirety of your window; but café style shutters are popular with shutter-newbies as they’re a smaller commitment. A set of café style shutters covers half of the window, they’re known for their Parisian-cafe-style elegance, whilst they protect your privacy and welcome light at the same time. A popular choice for street facing windows, they also look fantastic from the outside too. Half shutters are often a cheaper style due to being half the size of other options! This makes them a great choice to consider if you don’t want to dive straight into a slightly more expensive full height style.

Material and colour are key factors when looking for cheaper shutters. MDF shutters tend to be much cheaper than wooden but are equally cheaper in quality. At Shutters Manchester we offer poplar wood as our cheapest material; cutting the price but not sacrificing the quality and durability. Colour choice can also impact how much your interior shutters will cost, we offer lots of fun options that can make your shutters an amazing statement in your home, but keeping to a natural wooden finish, or a more neutral colour can help to lower the price for affordable shutters. These neutral options will easily compliment your current decor, making them a seamless fit into your home.

In general, investing in a set of plantation shutters can really help you save money around the home. Due to our selection of high-quality materials our shutters will last for many years to come, so unlike curtains, blinds or cheap quality shutters that fade over time and need replacing, our shutters stand strong. They’re also super easy to maintain and keeping them clean is a dream, with just a quick wipe down to freshen them up.

All our window shutters are made to measure, so when you choose to purchase from us you are guaranteed a perfect fit no matter what the size of your window is. Combined with the quality materials we use, your shutters are a fantastic investment to make for your home. If these quick tips have inspired you to cut some costs and invest in a luxury window treatment, then feel free to give our team of experts a call on: 0800 044 8045, for a no fee, no obligation home consultation. See for yourself the difference our fabulous shutters can make.