Enhance Your Suburban Semi with Shutters

Semi-detached houses, where two homes are divided by one wall, are a familiar sight in Manchester suburbs and gained popularity in the 20th century. Commonly known as ‘semis’, they offered an escape from the clutter of city life. As well as being more spacious than many city dwellings, semis were an affordable option because they were so densely built.

Here we reveal a bit more about these mainstays of Manchester living, whilst telling you how their appearance can be enhanced with plantation shutters.

Suburban semis – a brief background

In the greatest housebuilding boom ever experienced in England, around 3 million semi-detached houses were built between the first and second World Wars by approximately 76,000 builders. Their construction prompted a widescale migration from city centres. Designed to appeal to a growing middle class, the semi-detached house became the very embodiment of suburbia. They rapidly became the most common property type in the UK and now more than a third of us live in one.

Their space and affordability appealed to many young couples wishing to start a family. Young professionals are still attracted to the suburban semi, which is the next logical step on from apartment living.

Although the design was often uniform, owners were keen to stamp their individual mark on their properties – a trait that continues to this day. It’s not uncommon to see two connecting semis display wildly opposing décor.

Suburban semis in Manchester

There’s a proliferation of suburban semis in the Manchester area, with many attractive properties available in Chorlton, Prestwich, Horwich, Burnage and Saddleworth, all located between 20 and 45 minutes from the city centre.

For instance, Chorlton semis are close to an impressive array of eating places, independent traders and drinking establishments. Synonymous with young families and professionals, leafy Chorlton offers three High Streets, a wide mix of markets, art spaces, parks, and its own annual Arts Festival.

Attractions of living in Manchester

When asked about the benefits of living in Greater Manchester, well, where do you start? There are so many attractions here nowadays it’s almost embarrassing! For a start, there’s the proliferation of new housing being built to support the demand for living in one of the most exciting areas in the UK.

On top of that, it boasts the fastest-growing food and drink scene in the country, and that includes London.

Manchester has a wealth of culture to offer, from theatres to museums, with the Whitworth Art Gallery being named the best museum in Britain a few years back.

Plantation shutters in suburban semis

With Manchester having just embarked on its three-year cultural transformation, it’s a perfect time to overhaul your home.  So how can you go about improving the look of your suburban semi? Well, one of the best and most reasonably priced long-term solutions is by having shutters installed.

Plantation shutters really complement the larger style of window associated with semis, instantly improving kerb appeal to your home, as well as adding value. But it’s not just the exterior of a home that they add lustre and practicality to.

On the inside, they provide timeless style and warmth, reducing the bills of a Manchester winter by providing an extra layer of insulation, noticeably preventing heat loss. Conversely, in the summer months, you get to keep the sunshine in your home for as long as the day allows via the elegant genius of slat control. And you can stay cool in the process! As the day goes on, you can save on lighting bills by controlling the flow of sunlight into your home with no fussy and awkward tugging at blinds or curtains. They’re also the easiest of window dressings to clean, simply requiring a feather duster or cloth to remove any dust.

How to get shutters in Manchester

If you’re considering having plantation shutters fitted in your Manchester home, then we couldn’t make this easier for you! We provide premium wooden shutters for windows, combined with outstanding customer care.

Whether you live in Manchester, Didsbury, Bury, Salford or Rochdale, our local shutter consultants can call for a no-hassle visit, where you’ll receive the best possible advice and quote. We’d love to hear from you.

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