Enhance Your Manchester Townhouse

When we think of Manchester townhouses, a number of different styles from over the ages present themselves.  There’s the classic red-brick Georgian era version and its modern era counterpart, which is typically the same colour but often found in paler hues. Then there’s the 21st century townhouse, which may not feature bricks at all and sports smooth, prefabricated panels instead. One feature they usually have in common is that they’re three storeys high and terraced. Here we’ll be showing you all about Manchester townhouses whilst giving you some ideas as to how you can enhance yours with a few simple home improvements.

A brief history of Manchester townhouses

Back in the day, a townhouse was the city residence of a noble or wealthy family, who would typically own manor houses in the country. From the 18th century, most townhouses were terraced. In 1722, the Duke of Norfolk, who also owned Arundel Castle, lived in Norfolk House, a London townhouse that happened to be over 100 feet wide.

But when did our very own Manchester townhouses start springing up? Well, this stunning ‘passive’ townhouse in Woodleigh, near Chorlton, was originally built in the early 1890s. With its impressive refit, it looks set to be around for a long time yet.

The popularity of townhouses shows no signs of waning, with Manchester having the largest expanding housing market in the UK. Its current housing boom boasts more than 14,400 residential units being built and the amount due for construction over the next three years is likely to surpass the previous ten years combined.

Why Manchester townhouses are so popular

Thanks to the space they have to offer, townhouses are popular with urban families in parts of Manchester such as Oldham and Ashton, where their relatively quick access to the city centre is an attractive feature.

As well as housing, Manchester’s food scene is also growing at an incredible rate, and a restaurant tour of Ancoats is a great way to explore. Ancoats was known as Little Italy due to the arrival of Italian immigrants in the late 19th century, and its food treasures like Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza are well worth a visit. And if it’s a little out-of-town culture you’re after, Gallery Oldham is an eclectic mixture of many things: a gallery, museum and archive all in one space with plenty of free workshops and craft sessions for the kids.

How to enhance a Manchester townhouse

There’s obviously no shortage of character in our vibrant city, and if you’re thinking about injecting some extra colour and personality into your home then shutters offer an ideal solution. Townhouses of all eras are well-suited to what shutters have to offer. Our plantation shutters come in all shapes and sizes and will stylishly transform your townhouse both inside and out, increasing your home’s kerb appeal. They offer light and privacy, enhance period features such as sash windows, and they fit bespoke around windows acting as a barrier to block draughts.

We have a wide range of colours and  shutter styles to suit your taste and window sizes. Whether it’s Tier on Tier, Café Style or Full Height shutters you’re interested in, we have the experience and know-how to help you make that all-important decision.

So if you’re passionate about transforming your townhouse, then contact our skilled team and we’ll swiftly arrange a dedicated, Manchester-based, wooden shutters expert who can provide an in-home consultation. There’s no obligation to purchase, we’ll survey and measure your window in less than 1 hour. Call us on 0161 452 0718