Eco Homes in Manchester

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Manchester is an ever-evolving city, leading the way in the industrial revolution back in the 1800s. The next challenge seems to be paving the way to a greener age, and our great city has taken the first step with a few eco homes starting to pop up here and there. But what makes a home a sustainable development? And are there ways of improving our carbon footprint, without completely converting our houses?

We have recently heard about the fantastic company Ecospheric, and their amazing projects in Chorlton, Manchester. As a company their core focus is to help people form “holistic renovation plans” where their home is made a little kinder to the earth. In turn this reduces bills and maintenance costs. Currently on the website the company have six projects displayed, and underway to be viewed and purchased by the public.

An example of their work is the ‘Passive Houses’ on Zetland road, one of the greenest retrofits in Manchester. In total it has taken the company over two years to completely renovate and make the necessary changes. These changes have meant that the heating demands of this home can be reduced by 25%, whilst also being able to produce 25% more renewable energy than needed to run – mind blown.

After doing a little digging and rummaging around the website, we have found that a huge focus within these projects are the windows used in the homes. Using advanced technology there is a wide range of window glazing to help tighten up your home. However, as much as we love what this company are doing, the advanced technology form of window glazing sounds like it could be an expensive route to go down for the everyday shopper.

There is no need to worry though! You can do your part for the environment too with a few simple changes around the home, and our plantation shutters would be a massively beneficial. One of the major sources of unnecessary energy consumption is the overuse of artificial light. Interior shutters maximise your windows and the amount of light that is brought into your home, so the need to pop the big lights on throughout the day is not needed quite so much.

Secondly, heating loss can really ramp up your energy bills, especially if you are living in an older home with less efficient windows. Any style of shutter provides a barrier against the glass pane, stopping any drafts from getting in, or any of your precious heating from escaping. So, you can keep that thermostat low and still stay snug. Take a look at one of our previous blogs here, to see just how environmentally friendly our shutters can be!

Though they may be a small change, shutters are a great option if you want to begin your more environmentally friendly approach to living. Combine them with the influence of the work done by Ecospheric and Manchester will be well on their way to leading the green revolution!

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