Conservatory Shutters

Shutters are the perfect feature for all rooms in the house, but you might not have considered installing them in your conservatory. However, it’s a part of the house that will benefit hugely from a set of plantation shutters, giving it a much more stylish feel than roller or vertical blinds, while also adding practical benefits such as enhanced privacy in a room with a lot of glass and controlling the temperature all year round.

Design and Style

Conservatory shutters add a touch of style and character to your conservatory windows. Shutters can even be fitted to the angled roof windows, and can seamlessly cater for awkward shapes and angles. Unlike blinds, they will not tear or crumple. Conservatory shutters are custom made to fit any and all windows -of all shapes and sizes, so you can have the slat size, style and colour you want for the most stylish conservatory around!


The Conservatory provides an open room at the end of the house leading out into the garden, which is great during the summer months, however in the evening a little privacy is wanted so you feel the room is not so exposed. You have complete control over your privacy with window shutters, having them open during the day, and then when evening comes simply shut them to limit exposure.


Sometimes during the summer, the conservatory can reach high temperatures as the sun is concentrated through exposed windows. This is an easy fix with a set of conservatory shutters, as you angle the slats and open the windows, a cool breeze can easily flow through. Alternatively, in winter, window shutters can be closed creating an additional air gap against the window helping to keep the room warm and usable throughout the colder months.

Popular Questions:

  • Are conservatory shutters worth the price?

Shutters in the conservatory provide multiple benefits which we believe compare favourably with cheaper alternatives. Because of this we think that shutters are definitely worth the investment for a longer lasting, versatile product.

  • What’s better for my conservatory – blinds or shutters?

Though blinds have their advantages, when it comes to window treatments for the conservatory, shutters are a clear win. Our shutters are built to your measurements, so there’s no shape or size we can’t cover. We think conservatory shutters are much easier on the eye compared to blinds and have no annoying cords or pulley systems to tangle.