Choosing the Right Shutter Style for Your Home

When it comes to plantation shutters you’re most definitely not short on choice. Small shutters, big shutters, bold, colourful or neutral shutters, there’s something for everyone! In amongst all of this choice we have our set styles too, from tier on tier to café style shutters, all are perfect to suit a range of windows and types of home. But let’s break this down room by room and see which shutter styles best suit each room.

Bedroom Shutters

Let’s start with the bedroom, the windows in here are pretty important and can have a huge influence on your sleeping habits. Depending on what suits you, some people prefer a little light as they settle to sleep, whereas others prefer complete darkness for any hope of rest. If you don’t have the right window treatment this control of light can be near impossible, resulting in a night of tossing and turning – which nobody wants!

For bedroom windows we would recommend full height shutters, as these cover the complete height and width of your windows. Both louvred or solid shutters in this instance, give maximum control over how much light comes in and out of your room, so your sleeping conditions will match your preference perfectly. A second benefit that comes with full height shutters comes with the thick high-quality materials used to make your shutters. They act as a barrier helping to block out any noisy disturbances that could wake you during the night, ensuring you get a great full night’s sleep!

Dining Room Shutters

As the dining room is usually a space for entertaining, typically you would want this room to be as inviting as you can make it. In this case we think café style shutters can add a little unique charm. These half shutters only cover a portion of your windows allowing light to beam through the tops of the window so that your room benefits from a little bit of privacy whilst keeping a great light atmosphere during the day.

Being smaller they are super easy to maintain, only needing a quick dust down from time to time -quick and easy to fit in whenever. So, if you plan on inviting any guests that potentially suffer from allergies, there is no need to worry!

Living Room Shutters

The living room is an area where you can really afford to go bold with your window treatments, as it is one of the most used spaces in the home. For those of you with bigger windows, tier on tier shutters are a stunning addition. Split into two sections they provide the ultimate amount of control over your windows allowing as much or as little light as you desire – whilst giving you complete privacy in the evenings.

Here at Shutters Manchester we offer a great selection of coloured shutters, so depending on your unique style and decor you can choose anything from a more neutral, easy white to something a little brighter and exciting like a ravishing red. The choice is completely up to you!

Bathroom Shutters

Lastly, when looking for shutters for your bathroom we would recommend thinking about the material they are made from. Wooden shutters in humid environments can easily warp out of shape leading to permanent long-term damage. Instead we would recommend considering a waterproof polyvinyl option, as this is made to withstand any forms of water damage, with no risk of water stains or warping.

Any style of shutter can be built from polyvinyl, however as bathroom windows tend to be slightly smaller than the rest in your home, we would suggest choosing full height shutters as this will provide you with maximum privacy when you need it.

Any room in your home can suit a set of interior shutters, whether you want them for their amazing practical benefits or if simply you want them because they look amazing, or both even, there is a style for every type of room! If anything in this article has sparked your interest in our fantastic shutters then give us a call on 0800 044 8045 , and our shutter experts will be more than happy to talk to you.