Choosing the Right Colour for your Shutters

When designing your home, colour is such an important factor to consider! It can change the mood of your rooms, and when done right, the colour palette throughout the house can really show off your own personality. As ever we’re here to offer you some advice on choosing the best colour for your plantation shutters – with our huge variety of tones and shades, there’s something to suit everyone!

Let’s start with a classic – white. White shutters are a fantastic choice and are one of our most popular orders! We have a selection of white shades available, our white shutters aren’t a simple one size fits all type of white. The subtle differences make each shade stand out, and each one will fit well into any style of décor from the most flamboyant of décor to something a little simpler. Being such a neutral colour, they easily survive any home interior revamp blending in with any new style you bring- a timeless choice that won’t need a second thought after they’re installed.

Sticking with the neutral theme, a wood stain as a finish for our window shutters is a great way to compliment a variety of home décor styles too. With older architecture this natural finish can keep a more historic look blending with the period of the home. However, wooden shutters also really compliment more contemporary houses too! Especially with the new Scandinavian interior trend that has been growing in popularity in recent years wooden shutters perfectly achieve and fit in well with this look.

Now onto bigger bolder colours! In our experience with helping our customers through the colour selection process, it’s more likely you’ll choose these shades permitting they won’t clash with your existing colour scheme. When you’re considering going really out-there with bold colours like oranges or reds, we recommend matching them with a slightly more neutral coloured room with white or beige walls for example, as this makes the window and your interior shutters stand out as a feature themselves.

Make sure you consider the space in the rooms you use our plantation shutters in too. If you’re dressing a window in a slightly smaller room you should opt for a lighter colour, as darker tones can make the room appear smaller and darker. A light colour or pastel tone will help enhance your windows, allowing the light to reflect brightening up any small, dark room.

When choosing bold colours consider the mood of the room. You may like your bedroom shutters to be more of a calming colour, so we would recommend blues and greens to create a relaxing atmosphere which you can enjoy. In spaces like the living room where we tend to socialise and entertain, bolder colours like reds and yellows can be easily used to make a space a little bit more fun!

Whatever colour you choose our shutters will look fabulous, really enhancing the look of your décor. If a set of shiny new plantation shutters in a funky colour has caught your interest then give our helpful team a call on 0800 044 8045. They will be happy to talk to you about the many colours we have to choose from so that you can decide what will work best for you!