Can Shutters Help Insulate my Home?

Hurray, most of us recently have somehow, someway, been enjoying the weather as it’s warming up, the sun making more regular appearances, and the freezing cold winter has almost become a distant memory. But with the unpredictable style of our beloved UK weather it’s hard to forget those bracing cold nights! In terms of home insulation, it’s worth thinking ahead, cooler evenings are generally standard for at least half of the year, particularly the long and cold winter. Knowing the more economical ways to keep your homes warm and toasty is an added bonus. Window shutters are excellent at keeping your house warm, preventing those chilly drafts from getting in and the warmth from escaping out.

What makes them so good? Well, due to the thick, high quality materials we use, our wooden shutters act as second barrier against the glass panes of your windows. This works especially well on older more frail frames, as it stops any cool drafts from getting past when your window is closed. This works with any style of shutters even our café shutters, which cover the bottom portion of the window – an especially easy place for those pesky cold breezes to get in. But not only do plantation shutters stop the cold from getting in, it stops your precious heating from getting out. Keeping them closed – whether you choose solid or louvred panels, blocks up the windows enough to keep your home warm and cosy!

An extra bonus that comes with shutters is that they have an environmentally friendly benefit too. When the louvres or solid panels are closed they protect your windows from drafts and loss of heating. Ultimately, this reduces the need to turn up the thermostat unnecessarily, in turn saves on money but also helps lowers your energy consumption and thus your carbon footprint.

It’s always smart to think ahead. There are plenty of other shutter benefits, some may even surprise you. Get yourself prepared now and your future toasty-warm-self will one hundred percent thank you for it! To start the process give us a call on 0800 044 8045, and our shutter experts will be more than happy to discuss any possibilities with you.