Café Style Shutters

Café style (or half-height) shutters cover just the bottom half of a window, making them ideal for achieving privacy at street-level whilst letting in plenty of light via the uncovered top half. They look great with narrower panels that evoke the style of a Parisian café. Traditionally they would have been installed to give diners more privacy and create a more intimate feel inside a restaurant.

Owing to the completely bespoke nature of our product, you can select exactly how high you’d like the panels to extend. Have a think about how you’ll use a room and how much light you’d like to let in when making your decision. As ever, our shutter experts will be on hand at the consultation stage to guide you on the best approach. We recommend café style shutters for street-facing living rooms and kitchens – they don’t work so well in bedrooms owing to light penetration in the early hours in Summer.

Book an appointment with a shutter design consultant and talk to us about café style shutters for your home.