Bungalows and All Their Glory

When purchasing a property, there are obviously many different styles that you can choose, from city centre apartments to remote farmhouses in the middle of the countryside. You might have a specific destination in mind or be more open to suggestions, but whatever dictates your choices there’s a good chance that one type of property has been off your radar: the unassuming bungalow. Here we take a look at bungalows, their relationship to Manchester and how certain enhancements can transform the appearance of these somewhat overlooked houses.

Characteristics of a bungalow

A bungalow is defined as a one-story house, cottage or cabin. They are often quite compact to look at but it’s not uncommon to see bungalows occupying larger plots that make up for only having one floor. Many of them have an extra half-storey or loft, often with a slanted roof. Verandas and dormer windows are commonplace features.

Being small and easy to maintain, bungalows have long been associated with the elderly, but families with young children also recognise their benefits. Once their children are older, owners often convert the loft space to allow more room.

Bungalows – a brief background

Bungalows were originally built in the South Asian region of Bengal, first recognised by British sailors of the East India Company in the late 1700s. The name means ‘house in the Bengal style’.

They first appeared in the UK in 1869 in Westgate-on-Sea, Kent, and these early Western examples became very popular with the upper middle classes and senior citizens. They also attracted artistic types, which marked the bungalow as a Bohemian retreat well into the next century.

By the 1920s the design had proved to be so popular that it was exported around the world, notably in America, where this continues to be the case. However, in Britain, where space is at a premium, these space-inefficient properties have become increasingly rare as new builds. With the UK’s population ageing, demand for bungalows continues to grow, but developers dealing with rocketing land prices are more inclined to build further upwards.

Bungalows in Manchester

Here in the Manchester area we’re no strangers to bungalows, and they’re popular in areas such as Wigan, Ladybridge, Bury and Oldham.  All these towns are roughly a half hour drive from the city centre, making them very convenient places to live. A property search of bungalows in Ladybridge, for example, reveals a good number of spacious dwellings set away from the road with ample-sized front and back gardens.

Renovation options

So, we can see how popular bungalows have been in the past but what of their future? With their new build availability diminishing year on year, it seems like the perfect time to make the most of these sleeping giants and give them a fitting 21st century makeover that truly maximises their potential.

Loft conversions are an obvious and practical route, and the open plan ‘ranch house’ style, very popular in the US, is winning fans on this side of the pond with its flexible design possibilities. But another stylish route to explore for your bungalow home is shutters.

There are many benefits that come with installing shutters in a home. Their stylish elegance immediately adds kerb appeal and value to a house, and they provide a neat, clean way of freshening an interior. Having our shutters installed instantly adds a modern touch whilst adding a complimentary, timeless quality. We have a range of beautiful styles to suit all your design requirements.

If you’re passionate about renovating your bungalow, then you can contact our skilled team and we’ll quickly arrange a dedicated, Manchester-based, wooden shutters specialist who can deliver an in-home consultation. There’s no requirement to purchase and we’ll survey and measure your window in less than 1 hour. Call us on 0161 452 0718