Bedroom Shutters

Finding the perfect window treatment for your bedroom isn’t difficult when you’ve got a stunning range of affordable shutters to choose from. Bedroom shutters give you control over how much light comes in. If you’re enjoying a lie in, keep them shut, but when you’re up and about open them up and the welcome the light that fills your room.


Bedroom shutters are not only a practical choice for your windows, but they’re also a stylish addition that you can customise to suit your character. Our plantation shutters come in a range of bespoke colours, so you can find a colour that reflects your personality and compliments the existing interior décor in your bedroom.


Comfort is key in the bedroom, there’s nothing worse than a stuffy room on a hot day. Our bedroom shutters allow fresh air to easily flow through and unlike blinds which would normally blow in the wind, shutters remain still and quiet.


Privacy is another essential to consider. Fortunately, our bedroom shutters put privacy control in your hands at any time of the day. Unlike blinds and curtains which you have to shut to protect your privacy, you can have window shutters angled to let in the light but the inside of your room won’t be visible to the outside world, plus you still get to enjoy the natural light at the same time.

bedroom shutters in yellow


Popular Questions:

How good are shutters at blocking light?

Forget about black-out curtains, where you still get the sneaky bit of light that seeps through the gap between the curtain and the wall, our bedroom shutters can shut out virtually all light. Solid panel shutters are even better for darkening any room, creating the ideal environment to aid sleep.

I have weird shaped windows, will shutters fit?

Yes,  we can find solutions for nearly any weird window shape – our team of shutters experts don’t let any odd shaped windows beat their shutter capabilities, they’ll always find a way to make shutters work for your windows- give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!