Bathroom Shutters

When thinking about window treatments for the bathroom, shutters are the perfect and most sensible choice by far. We offer the option for your bathroom shutters to be made from waterproof materials, guaranteeing durability. Waterproof shutters in the bathroom increase your privacy and provide ventilation, which are just a few reasons why our window shutters are well suited to any bathroom environment.

Waterproof Shutters

It’s a good idea to use waterproof window coverings in the bathroom due to the regular damp conditions often found after showering or having a hot bath. Our polyvinyl waterproof shutters are made of a PVC material that doesn’t shrink or warp in humid conditions and unlike curtains or blinds they are not easily damaged by water, which is essential in the bathroom!


Privacy is essential in the bathroom! Angling the slats on full height louvred shutters, means you can bathe in complete privacy whilst air flows through the window or cafe-style shutters that cover the bottom half of the bathroom window, provide privacy whilst still allowing light to come through the top of the window – if you’re lucky enough to have a lovely skyscape you can relax in the bath, enjoying the view but happy that no one can view you!  You can comfortably enjoy a soak in the tub whilst knowing that your privacy is completely protected with bathroom shutters.


Plantation shutters are a great way of providing ventilation which is especially useful when the bathroom gets humid and needs to be aired out. By opening the bathroom shutters and windows air can easily flow through, reducing the likelyhood of mould, making our waterproof window shutters even more durable to the test of time in damp, humid conditions.


Popular Questions:

Can Plantation shutters be installed in the bathroom?

Yes, they definitely can, any style of shutters can be installed in any room – especially with our waterproof polyvinyl material, they are safe and a great choice to add to the bathroom.

Are shutters a better alternative to blinds to use in the bathroom?

Our waterproof shutter range helps increase ventilation, this means they are less likely to get mouldy or warp in the humidity. Unlike blinds which can easily develop mould from condensation, bathroom shutters are easier to clean, quicker to dry and far more durable! Shutters are also a stylish choice of window treatment for your bathroom.