A unique addition to your converted apartment in Manchester

The North of England is rightly famed for its great industrial heritage, and although the factory-dominated landscape has altered drastically over the years, a significant proportion of the architecture remains, particularly here in Manchester. The passing of time hasn’t diminished their appeal, in fact, quite the opposite. Huge old mills, church conversions and schools are popular choices for property developers to convert into flats. Demand for quality housing has never been higher, particularly from young professionals, which has led to a massive increase in new builds and conversions. Here, we’ll be focusing on the wealth of converted apartments in Manchester and what you can do to help transform your living space.

Converted apartments – a background

In the 1930s, cities like Manchester experienced a demand for housing from young professionals who needed to work in the city centre. Following the French model, flats were created from the many large Victorian houses to accommodate this growing trend. People on modest incomes were willing to experience the reciprocal ‘give and take’ of living more closely to their neighbours in order to enjoy the feeling of independence that a converted apartment provided. One of these trade-offs was noise, with poor insulation providing a weak buffer to the then-modern phenomenon of wireless radios.

Improved living

Since those far-off days, conditions in converted apartments have improved considerably. They still appeal to a new generation of movers and shakers, who require easy metropolitan access and the high living standards that are widely expected nowadays. Spacious mill conversions are desirable, some of which retain their industrial connection thanks to their canal-side views, as well as expansive textile warehouses that offer much-needed solutions to building on green spaces. Fulfilling contemporary requirements, many have retained the charm of their period features whilst offering large rooms, high ceilings and impressively tall windows.

For those taking their first steps into the housing market, converted apartments offer a very attractive way in. They’re unique, full of character and provide great value for money.


If you’re looking for a converted flat in the Manchester area, there’s a diverse selection out there. But with the influx of residents into the city centre (expected to top 80,000 over the coming few years), central properties are becoming increasingly sought-after right now.

You can find many of these apartments in Salford Quays, right near the heart of the city. This area has so much going for it, from canals to bars, museums and shops. And if you’re into football or cricket, then Manchester United FC and Lancashire County Cricket Club are virtually on your doorstep!

If you’d prefer to be closer to a football team of a different colour, then other conversions are available, like these apartments located closer to Manchester City’s ground.

Marginally further from the centre, towns like Bolton and Altrincham also boast a significant number of converted apartments.

Maximising your space

One way of getting the most out of your converted apartment is by focusing on the windows. If they’re large, and there’s a good chance that they will be, then it’ll be hard not to focus on them! Here then is a great opportunity to really bring out the charm in your home with some timeless shutter designs. Not only do they look stylish, but they also have practical benefits such as providing insulation for big, bright rooms as well as regulating light. There’s no denying that wooden plantation shutters look amazing on large windows. And if you’ve moved into a converted church then don’t be put off by their distinctive window shapes. These can be difficult to cater for, but not to us!  We have the skill, experience and materials to install shutters for any design, no matter how unique.

Converted apartment windows will benefit massively from shutters, so if you feel passionate about moving forward with yours then contact our skilled team. We’ll quickly arrange a dedicated, Manchester-based, wooden shutters specialist who can deliver an in-home consultation. There’s no obligation to purchase, we’ll survey and measure your window in less than 1 hour. You can speak to our team of experts on 0800 044 8045.