A Window Treatment That Lasts

As you research what treatment would be best for your windows, you’ll notice that there’s no shortage of choice on the market as you’re presented with the various array of options, curtains, blinds and wooden shutters. It’s important to think about what you want your treatment to bring to the party…or in this case the room it will be placed in. Light control? Privacy? Temperature management? We have the solution that ticks all the boxes… window shutters! Let’s run through the choices and discuss the reasons that shutters are likely to work for you.

Let’s start with curtains. Now, curtains are a great choice for containing heat and night time privacy and whilst you’re curtain-shopping you’ll notice the massive range of materials, colours, thickness and styles available. From heavy drapes to net curtains, the major downfall is that over time whilst the fabric is protecting your home it’s gradually fading – you’ll be looking for your next replacement after a few years and as quality curtains are not cheap, you’ll soon be thinking to yourself were they really worth the money you spent on them. Shutters on the other hand, are durable and will last however sunny your aspect – of course this is assuming the shutters are made from superb quality wood. Noted, heavy or blackout curtains do a super job of blocking out light, but plantation shutters give you more control of how much light you want in a room – you can even use solid panel shutters, putting wooden shutters in the lead so far.

Time to move on to blinds. From venetian to vertical, you’ll find that there are many types to choose from with a variety of sizes and materials available. Blinds claim to be extremely effective at controlling the amount of light entering a room – which is what you’d expect from any window treatment. You can often find a style to meet your precise requirements, however, in some cases blinds do not work as a stand-alone treatment.  Imagine you’re looking for light control and privacy in your front room, vertical blinds when shut achieve privacy and during the day control the light coming in, but what about when the evening rolls around? They often make a living room feel like an office and don’t give you a cosy feeling. You’ll often find that curtains compliment blinds, but do you want to spend double and in effect have two separate treatments for one window. Shutters however, are an all-rounder, managing levels of privacy, light and even temperature as well as looking great. High quality wooden shutters will be sturdy and last much longer than blinds, they don’t flap around if you have your windows open on a sunny but breezy day and are much less prone to accidental damage.

There are benefits that each window treatment has to offer, but when reviewing the shortfalls both curtains and blinds have… shutters come up trumps! Don’t forget, all your furnishings will appreciate protection from sunlight too. Shutters reduce the impact of that beautifully strong summer sunshine on your furniture fabrics, making them last longer. At Shutters Manchester we only supply shutters made from quality hardwood, ensuring our shutters are built to last. Shutters are a window treatment that will stand the test of time, that won’t call for you to fork out extra cash for faded fabrics, broken pieces or furniture revival while they stay stylish year after year.

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