A Guide to Shutter Styles

We offer four main shutter styles here at Shutters Manchester, and, as you might guess from our reviews, we’re very proud of our shutters and love to tell people about them. Given our expert shutter knowledge, we’d like to share a rundown of the different styles we offer and how each will look good in your home. From full height to café style, each style of shutter works well for different reasons.

Full Height Shutters

These are the most well-known out of all the styles we provide. They cover the full length of the window from top to bottom and can either be louvred or solid panelled. Louvred full height shutters give you the option of slats open or closer. Imagine daytime, slats open, your space will be filled with natural light, and pop your window open for a fresh breeze to flow through. From day to night, full height shutters make any room feel cosy, simply close the slats to stop the light coming in, and this also guarantees complete privacy. Depending on the size of your windows, taller panels can have the option to include a mid-rail that allows slats in each section to be opened individually. This gives you more control over how much light enters the room.

Full height shutters also have great insulating properties. They act as a barrier against your window creating a whole covering for them. In winter this blocks of any drafts from getting in and stops any of the heating from getting out, keeping the house warmer.

Café Style Shutters

Cafe style shutters only cover half the window leaving the top half exposed, traditionally this style was used in Diners to provide privacy whilst customers ate. It’s a great option for those with street facing windows as they provide privacy and light is able to come through the uncovered top half of the window. Café style shutters compliment other window dressings, for instance, if you’d like to hold on to your curtains, then café style shutters add another stylish and practical element to your window.

Café style shutters are a great option for rooms such as the kitchen, where it can keep a little privacy during the day but also provide more of a unique twist on the usual window treatments. They are also a popular choice for busy street-front rooms, privacy is key, not to mention they look super stylish.

Tier on Tier Shutters

Similar to the full height shutters, tier on tier also cover the full space of the windows giving the same great qualities in terms of providing insulation during winter. Tier on tier shutters, (also known as double hung) are the most versatile shutter styles on the market, having two shutter panels that work separately to each other, so you can have one panel open whilst the other is closed. Tier on tier shutters are a popular choice for all rooms and window types, they give you the best of both light control and privacy. We recommended that the size of the slats match the size of the windows, so that you use smaller slats with smaller windows and larger slats with bigger windows, the bigger the slats the more light can be let in.

Solid Panel Wood Shutters

Solid shutters don’t use the louvred style, but instead are a solid panel of wood. They’re a great choice if you want to add a little character to your home or enhance period features that you may already have. They work especially well for bedrooms as the solid material means that light can be completely blocked out, making the room nice and dark helping you to get a great night’s sleep.

All our shutters provide great benefits and would look fantastic in any home. If you are interested in finding out more about our shutters give us a call for a no fee no obligation home visit and consultation, and our experts would be happy to talk to you. Call us on 0800 044 8045.